Supreme court litigation 

Vivien Rorsch is a lawyer at the Dutch Supreme Court with a practical and inspirational approach. She draws on 15 years of experience as a Surpeme Court lawyer at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, the market leader in litigation in the Netherlands. 

Appellate Consulting

Viven inspires other laywers to write ridiculously good appellate briefs. Only about 34% of the appellate judgements are affected by Supreme Court litigation. It’s therefor crucial that the arguments in the appelate proceedings are sound, well structured and persuasive. She motivates your Dutch lawyer to shed legal mediocrity and ignite real results. 

Legal Pioneer

If you think litigation is dull, you haven’t worked with Vivien. She is a legal pioneer and makes law work for you. She works with your Dutch lawyer to ensure that the content of your legal documents allign with your needs and she helps increase your chance of succes.

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